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Medusa II

Medusa II


Framed Digital Illustration Eco-Print 

120cm x 72cm 


Limited Edition of 1


  • Hemp Paper 290 gsm

  • 360 dpi

  • Minimal waste policies

  • FSC & PEFC certified forests

  • Fine Art Trade Guild Standard

  • Empty ink cartridges are recycled

  • Acid free

  • Vegan certified

  • The company we source the hemp paper from donate 5% of the profits, since 2008 they have supported reforestation, animal protection & environmental educational programmes including: supporting orphaned elephants in Kenya, reforestation project in Colombia, improving the protection of mountain gorillas in the Congo.

  • Paper factory runs on wind, water and solar energy

  • Non-chemically treated water used in the manufacturing of the Hemp paper. Once used the water is cleaned and returned to nature through a strictly controlled processes

  • Recyclable packaging

  • Certification of authenticity included 


Free UK postage

Free UK postage 

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