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The Summoning of Ploo

The Summoning of Ploo


Framed Digital Illustration Eco-Print 

106cm x 120cm

Limited Edition of 25



  • Hemp Paper 290 gsm

  • 360 dpi

  • Minimal waste policies

  • FSC & PEFC certified forests

  • Fine Art Trade Guild Standard

  • Empty ink cartridges are recycled

  • Acid free

  • Vegan certified

  • The company we source the hemp paper from donate 5% of the profits, since 2008 they have supported reforestation, animal protection & environmental educational programmes including: supporting orphaned elephants in Kenya, reforestation project in Colombia, improving the protection of mountain gorillas in the Congo.

  • Paper factory runs on wind, water and solar energy

  • Non-chemically treated water used in the manufacturing of the Hemp paper. Once used the water is cleaned and returned to nature through a strictly controlled processes

  • Recyclable packaging

  • Certification of authenticity included 


Free UK postage (worldwide postage available)


There is a part of life that almost doesn’t exist. When we feel love, when we have a connection with somebody, where does this take place? It is only physical on the micro-level of brain signals and dopamine rushes, but this is not what we mean when we say we feel wh love. Love is not physical, nobody can see it, but it exists. Where do we go to find such a thing?



Free UK postage 

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