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All episodes of the Conspiracy Corner podcast aired live on X Spaces. They are soon to be released on all major streaming channels

EP 1: 2001 A Space Odyssey & Friedrich Nietzsche

EP 2: Gandalf’s Divine Resurrection

EP 3: Aragorn & the Samurai Code of Bushido

EP 4: Frodo & Joseph Campbell's ‘The Hero’s Journey’

EP 5: Manly P Hall and The Tabernacle in the Wilderness 

EP 6: The Golden Age of Leo – Humanity’s Evolutionary Leap

EP 7: The Mummy Imhotep The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Ep 8: Escape from the Matrix The hidden story of Neo’s book

EP 9: Saurons one Ring & the seal of Solomon

EP 10: The Dark side of Fairytales Jungian Psychoanalysis

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