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✅ 15 Wildlife Habitats funded across grasslands, hedgerows & ponds

✅ 15 Forest Volunteers Equipment paid for

✅ £13,000 to a domestic abuse charity

✅ £13,000 to an Arts Therapy Charity

✅ 10 Youngling trees protected

✅ 2 Pet X-Ray bills covered

✅Offset 21,318kg c02

All prints & Tees are printed upon order. Printing on demand eliminates overproduction, preventing waste 


- Water Based & Solvent Free Inks

- PETA approved vegan

- Printed in the UK

- Print-on-demand

- Living wage employer

- Sustainable paper packaging

- Paperless order management system

- OEKO-TEX accredited, no use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment

- Fair Wear Foundation, ensures all employees safety in the workplace and that they are paid fairly

-GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantees that cotton is grown without the use of genetically modified seeds or hazardous chemicals

- OCS Certified (Organic Content Standard), verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product

- All textile wastes produced by the manufacture is recycled into carpet underlay

-Carbon footprint of the manufacturing process is offset by funding planting of trees in the North West of England

When compared to chemically grown cotton, organic cotton has shown a potential savings of:

- 46% Global Warming reduction

- 70% Acidification of Land & Water

- 26% Eutrophication (soil erosion)

- 62% Primary Energy Demand


- Hemp Paper 290 gsm

- FSC & PEFC certified forests

- Vegan certified

- Acid free

- Minimal waste polices

- All empty ink cartridges are recycled 

- The factory that produces the Hemp paper runs on wind, water and solar energy

- Non-chemically treated water is used in the manufacturing of the Hemp paper. Once used the water is cleaned and returned to back to nature through a strictly controlled process

- The company we source the hemp paper from donate 5% of profits to charities (including supporting orphaned elephants in Kenya, reforestation project in Colombia and improving the protection of mountain gorillas in the Congo) 

- Printed in the UK

All official Dr.Death Prints are hand signed, stamped and include a certification of authenticity


Dr.Death luxury sustainable fashion collections, jewellery and fine art are created from upcycled, recycled and repurposed materials. Creating a vessel for positive environmental impact, by enabling creation whilst simultaneously saving materials and products from going into landfill. It is through this mentality that the use of unconventional materials are explored, for example Dr.Death's notorious Pleated Poleyn Trousers & Pauldron Jacket which was created from "unsellable" Duck Tape, they were later exhibited at The House of Lords Westminster, featured in Harpers Bazaar and Gay Times Magazine.

This is the artwork of the Era of Redemption


Dr.Death only utilises recycled and recyclable bags and boxes as well as re-using packaging and bubble wrap that have been sent in.  Dr.Death uses recycled paper tape to seal packages

Free UK postage 

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