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Dr.Death's 32,000 year journey


Dr.Death's Redemption - Episode 51 - Determinism at will.jpg

“The path of time has been altered, this is not the way it was written. The will of this one is growing stronger as he bends the fabric of the universe to the course of his actions.”


“Lacerta was meant to find the humans, she is the saviour of this kind. The skeletoid leads them into a darkness that they are not prepared to discover, time shall tell, to change the course of the universe is to unlock timelines of the unknown, as it shall be re-written, he who holds the pen has the might of all, to the despair of many.”



“Hope is to assume fate is on your side. Will is as the will creates for the universe shall abide. I shall not standby to watch the flux of the flame fall into the shadows.”

Dr.Death's Redemption - Episode 52 -.jpg


“We froze as we felt the hellion loom closer. The storm rattled above &­ wind wailed through the halls as if it called out to us from the depths of the passageway. Along with the rats we scattered past, hurrying to find our pack.”

Dr.Death's Redemption - Episode 53 - Divine Providence.jpg


I had found myself, in the eye of the storm in these uncharted lands surrounded by familiar faces. Though I have never met them before, we shared a value for life and togetherness.

There is more to life than the superficiality of surface material, how we see one another face to face is just an illusion, for it is in those inner depths of man we realise it is as souls that we connect in the universe, one domain under the tree of life. There are those that understand this, and those that fall like a rotten apple towards the lower orders that psychologically separate us.

There is the rational subdivision, a classical understanding of the differences of life, and then there is the will of existence, the platonic love for another, regardless of family birthrights, geographical location or species, it is love that connects us and a will for peace that holds this world together.

It is in this perspective we must reside to find a new order, to direct the light into a modern paradigm of understanding, it is here we look to redeem the mistakes of the past and create an advanced era.

The localities of a familiar tongue allowed us to share this understanding that was before locked by the mediums above that so wished to control the narrative of life. These lizard kings are the banality of hierarchy, they are just another set of unbalanced belief systems lost in delusion, fixated by the materiality they deem to separate us. But life continues to run deeper, even in the darkest shadow of the cave, the water drips down towards the core.

We all understood there was more to life than this structure of society, one that is based on inequality and suffering. I spoke of Lacerta and the trials of her passion for life, against all odds she stood up in a crowd of those that bowed towards a ruthless dictator. It was time for us to leave, to face the hurdles as a unit to push forward into the void of uncertainty in search for truth, a new meaning of life. We gathered what tools we could find and began to make our way towards to exit …

To be continued …

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